Flawless Debut In NLC

January 13, 2022

Our updated League of Legends Talent roster have concluded their first week of NLC matches, with two solid victories against Nyyrikki and Team Singularity.

Ahead of the first game against Nyyrikki, the hosts of NLC spoke excitedly about the new Astralis Talent roster, sporting our jersey and a cup with the Danish flag to commorate the debut. The game ended in a clean and controlled victory to the Danes, leading them onto their next match against Team Singularity on January 12.

... we can count on our players to execute our win conditions to achieve victory - Mikkel Donby

Wednesday featured a more aggressive playstyle from the Astralis roster, with an early doublekill in the botlane which boosted new ADC Chrisberg into an early lead on Caitlyn. The team was then able to focus around their toplane, where 16-year-old Carlsen showed why he belonged on this updated roster, now filled with more experienced players than previously.

After the win against Team Singularity, the young star were in the following post-game interview, happy with the team's results.

Mikkel Donby, Head Coach

Mikkel Donby, Head Coach of Astralis Talent, on his teams' first week

- I'm satisfied with our showing in the first week of the NLC. With no disrespect to our opponents, this were two games that we ultimately should win, if we want to contest the top end of NLC.

- We showed that our performances are stable, and that we can count on our players to execute our win conditions to achieve victory. We've built the foundation, and now it's time to elevate our level of play. I'm very excited for what's to come for this team!

NLC rankings for week 1

  • Astralis 2-0
  • Vanir 2-0
  • Bifrost 2-0
  • X7 Esports 2-0
  • JDXL 1-1
  • Riddle Esports 1-1
  • MNM 0-2
  • Nyyrikki 0-2
  • Team Singularity 0-2
  • Dusty 0-2

The next match for the Astralis Talent team will be January 17, when they will be facing MnM Gaming at 21:00 CET.