G2 Is Conquered And Playoffs Secured

G2 Is Conquered And Playoffs Secured

2nd Match and 2nd Win as Astralis Take Down G2

The second match of DreamHack Open Fall was a brawl for the playoffs, where Astralis faced G2 in a Bo3.

The first map of Nuke was won in a convincing 16-6 fashion, and the teams moved to Dust 2 with the first map secured for Astralis. The Frenchmen showed their strength on the second map, sweeping a quick 16-2 win. Forced onto the final map of Inferno, Astralis pushed back with another 16-6 win, claiming the series 2-1 and securing their spot in the DreamHack Open playoffs.

Nicolai 'dev1ce' Reedtz topped the maps overall with an average K/D of 49-38. On the third and final map, Inferno, Emil 'Magisk' Reif showed an impressive K/D of 25-8.

Playoffs start next week. The next match for Astralis has yet to be determined.