Gearing Up for Final Group Match

Gearing Up for Final Group Match

On Sunday, April 16, our Astralis League of Legends team is set to face off in their final match of the LEC Spring Groups, with a coveted spot in the Playoffs on the line. First, we must wait for our opponent to be determined, as Fnatic and MAD Lions vie for the chance to join us in the lower bracket finals.

Thus far, our team has already claimed two victories against Fnatic this season, in both a BO1 and BO3 format. In contrast, we have faced MAD Lions just once this season, back on March 18, where we were unable to make a lasting impression and secure the win.

Coach AoD puts some words on our last series against Vitality, and what we expect in our series this weekend:

- In the Vitality series, we weren't at the top of our game, and dropped the ball on a lot of things that we would normally do better. Despite this, we were not surprised by their strategy, as we had anticipated what they had planned. Our shortcomings unfortunately came down to execution, and we have spent this week refocusing and adjusting.

- Moving onto this weekend's game, we are prepared to face both teams, even though the teams are very evenly matched. I am expecting an even series, but in my personal opinion, I think Fnatic might come out on top due to their unpredictable drafting style. However, we feel confident facing either team and are ready to take on whoever we end up facing.

As we prepare for this crucial showdown, we remain focused on our ultimate goal: advancing to the Playoffs and continuing our pursuit of the LEC Spring Championship. We are grateful for the unwavering support of our fans and are committed to making them proud on April 16.