Head Coach Celebrates Squad and Praises IGL for Impressive Transformation

February 11, 2024
  • Date: February 7, 2024
  • Tournament: POWER Ligaen
  • Opponents: Sashi Esports & CEPTER BITSKINS
  • Results: 13 on Anubis vs Sashi Esports, 16-14 on Ancient vs CEPTER BITSKINS
  • Astralis and XI Esport SponsorWorld are tied for first place in the domestic league.
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Fresh off dominant victories over Sashi Esport and CEPTER BITSKINS, the Talent lineup, led by Andreas "kiR" Kirstein, clawed their way into a shared top spot alongside XI Esport Sponsorworld.

With five wins out of seven matches, they've racked up a solid 15 points and boast a positive round score of 12.

  • kIR reigns supreme as the highest-rated player in the Danish squad, boasting an impressive 1.22 rating—matching his equally dominant KD ratio.
  • In recent matches, Emil "kroK" Wiedemann's laser-sharp aim has been on full display, with his 70% headshot percentage.
  • The 19-year-old rifler also holds the highest ADR on the talent roster, with 93.69.
  • tOPZ proves his all-around prowess with the best KAST (76.54%) on the team, making him a vital contributor in supporting his teammates and getting kills himself.
alexsomfan: We're on a positive path right now, and we're determined to carry this momentum all the way to the playoffs and beyond

Now the question is, can the Talent squad maintain their momentum and claim the top spot alone?

alexsomfan: the guys showed incredible willpower

Head coach Alexander "Alexsomfan" Nielsen points out the team's recent dominant performances to their tireless dedication in pracc sessions and their shift in focus towards refining their own strategies instead of prioritizing wins at all costs, often leading to unnecessary pressure.

"We've secured some strong results despite facing significant challenges. Several players were battling the flu this week, but the guys showed incredible willpower and perseverance, grinding through the matches to secure two crucial wins," says alexsomfan.

"It's a testament to the strong mentality we're building and the solid cohesion within the squad. When some can't give their all, the rest of us step up and contribute."

"Right now, things are clicking well for us on the server. Over the past two weeks, we've dedicated significant time in pracc to refining our tactics, leading to a noticeable improvement in coordination. Focusing on strategic improvement rather than solely chasing the wins at any price has allowed us to fine-tune our plays without unnecessary pressure, resulting in a newfound synergy within the game," the head coach notes.

Player of the Week

Last week kiR received his second Player of the Week Honor in POWER Ligaen.

alexsomfan hails kiR for transforming his gameplay and praises the 23-year-old IGL's remarkable development over recent weeks.

"Everyone is constantly improving, but kiR's transformation since joining Astralis Talent has been quite remarkable. He has thrived in his new role as IGL, demonstrating exceptional skill in reading the game, outmaneuvering opponents, and maintaining his razor-sharp aim."

"We have a couple of challenging international tournaments lined up, which will be an invaluable experience as we measure our level against global competition and continue our development. We're on a positive path right now, and we're determined to carry this momentum all the way to the playoffs and beyond."

kiR: We're in a strong position to secure a playoff spot

In-game leader kiR beams with pride over his team's recent performances, highlighting the four-match winning streak that has propelled them into a favorable position for a coveted playoff spot.

"It was rewarding to win both matches this week, especially considering two of us were feeling unwell. I'm incredibly proud of the guys for performing at their best despite not feeling their best," says kiR.

"As a team, we've tirelessly integrated tOPZ into our systems and adapted our strategies across different maps. We're thrilled to be tied for first place, especially after losing to IMA PROBLEM and XI Esport SponsorWorld. We recognize the challenge ahead, but beating some of the league's top teams has placed us in a strong position to secure a playoff spot," the IGL underscores.

  • On February 10, the Talents participate in the European Open Qualifiers for the upcoming Elisa Invitational Spring 2024
  • The European Pro League Season 15 - Division 2 kicks off next week—the Talents made it to the grand final in the previous season.
  • Catch all of the Talents' upcoming matches LIVE on Astralis Watch.