Incredibly Close Back And Forth Affair

February 13, 2023

It was a very intense back and forth affair that played out for our Rainbow Six team against Los One here in the ongoing group stage of the Six Invitational 2023 - a match which sadly ended with a 1-2 loss for us.

The competitive series began on February 11 at 01:00 CET and lasted all three maps, overtime included.

Setting the tone for the entire series the first map was a very tied up affair on our map pick Theme Park as we quickly equalized 3-3 in the attacking rounds. On the defensive side we lost the first round but won the following two rounds only for Los One to answer back with the same amount of rounds. We managed to tie it up 6-6 to go to overtime but lost 6-8 after an intense Theme Park ride.

The second map was Border, Los One's pick, and continued the same trend as map one as we started on the attacking side and tied up 3-3 against the defenders. In the second half we were defending the Border effectively as we only allowed two round wins for the attackers before we shut down the map with four round wins on the defending side to win 7-5.

The last and third map was Clubhouse, which "surprisingly" turned out to be yet another very tight game with the first half ending with another 3-3 on our attacking side. We were behind in the early defensive rounds as Los One took the lead 3-5 before we responded with a couple of round wins to make the deciding map too close for comfort with a 5-6 scoreline. In the end the scales sadly tipped in the opponents' favor as the third map ended with a 5-7 loss.

Our Rainbow Six squad live to fight another day in the group stage as we are facing Team BDS tonight, February 11 at 22:00 CET.