JBOEN Expresses Gratitude: "They've Given Us So Many Tools to Succeed" 

JBOEN Expresses Gratitude: "They've Given Us So Many Tools to Succeed" 

With 30 points from 10 wins in 14 matches during the POWER Ligaen group stage, Andreas "kiR" Kirstein and Co. have secured their place in the playoffs in a dominant style, finishing in first place ahead of their closest competitors: Sashi Esport, CEPTER BITSKINS, and XI Esport SponsorWorld

The Talent roster is now ready for a thrilling playoff, which will be played online and is scheduled for Monday, March 25.

JBOEN: "We're not celebrating just yet!"

Jason "JBOEN" Boe Nielsen says finishing 1st in the group stage feels great, but it all comes down to whether the Talent roster can step up their game in the playoffs.

"Winning the group stage was a big goal for us this spring, so yeah, it feels awesome. But it won't mean much if we can't keep up the momentum in the finals. We're not celebrating just yet!"

"We're happy overall, but it's been a bit of a rollercoaster performance-wise. Our five players are top-tier on our best days, and it's all about syncing up perfectly. We manage to do that quite often, and when the vibe's off, Jan Ø's been invaluable in getting us back on track," the 18-year-old rifler notes.

Anyone you want to give a special shout-out to?

"It's hard to single anyone out since the standout player keeps changing. But I've got to give props to our head coach, alexsomfan, Jan Ø., and Straube. They've given us so many tools to succeed. Honestly, the support from everyone at Astralis has been crucial, more than most realize," says JBOEN.

How's the playoff competition looking? What's the goal?

"We're up against the top 4 teams, so expect a brawl. Some might have pegged Sashi as the front-runner, but XI and CEPTER are right up there too. It'll be close. We haven't hit our peak yet, but it's on us. If we play at our best, I'm confident we'll take it home," the rifler says.

JBOEN's Group Stage Stats
  • Rating: 1.22
  • K/D: 1.35
  • HS%: 33%
  • ADR: 76.99
  • KAST: 72.20%

Unlike previous seasons of the POWER Ligaen, the winner of the 25th season will now be determined online. The organizers have announced their intention to allow as many Danish teams as possible to participate in the open ESL Challenger qualifier, set for March 26 and 27.

The playoff spot was clinched on Monday evening when our young, talented line-up first overcame Preasy Rising 13-11 on Nuke, then defeated XI Esport SponsorWorld 13-10 on Anubis, showcasing a solid performance on the CT side.

  • The semifinals will begin at 17:30, where our team will face XI Esport SponsorWorld.
  • As always, you can catch all the action LIVE on Astralis Watch.