Karma Was On Our Side

Karma Was On Our Side

Astralis' Rainbow Six Siege team played their first match in the SCS Season 7 and began with a 7-5 victory against Six Karma.

The SCS Season seven started on November 29th with Swiss System as the initial Stage, where advancing requires three wins.

Sixteen participating teams compete in Bo1 matches, while elimination and advancement matches are Bo3.

The eight best teams qualify for the Playoffs Stage, which consists of a Single Elimination bracket with Bo3 matches for the quarter and semi-finals and a Bo5 Grand Final.

A lot is at stake as the teams fight for the combined prize pool of $5,000.

In our opening fixture, we faced Six Karma in a Bo1 on the map, Bank.

We started on the attacking side, and robbing the bank was challenging.

When switching to the defending side, the score was tied at 3-3, which meant we had to improve in the second half.

Our support player, Shuttle, proved his worth and helped secure the win 7-5 with a 1.38 rating and 12-5 K/D. 

By claiming our first victory, we go into the 1-0 category, which means we face Reality TV tomorrow, December 3rd, at 02:00 CET.

Astralis R6 Roster:

Tournament Information:

Tournament: SCS Season 7
Prize pool: 
 November 29th - December 24th, 2022
 Group Stage - Swiss System / Playoffs - Single Elimination Bo3 / Grand Final - Bo5
Watch the matches here: