kroK: Cool to Finally Be a Pro

August 18, 2023

On August 3rd, the 18-year-old Emil "kroK" Wiedermann was announced alongside the 16-year-old Richart "ANSG1" Nielsen as the two final additions to the brand new Astralis Talent roster.

And this Monday, August 14th, the new guys on the block visited the Astralis Headquarters for the first time, finally getting the chance to see each other face to face. The energy and atmosphere among the new players were undoubtedly high and positive.

Both kroK and the talent squad's new in-game leader, Andreas "kiR" Kirstein, expressed their excitement about being part of this ambitious project.

On Monday, August 14th, the brand new Talent team roster was assembled for the first time at the Astralis Headquarters, meeting organization staff and seeing each other face to face for the first time.

Ready to Embrace the Challenge

The thrilled 18-year-old kroK took a minute to reflect upon the first assembly of the talent roster:

- Compared to my experiences with other organizations, my first day here has been overwhelming.

- The entire setup is professional, encouraging a spirit where everyone wants the best for each other. We were warmly welcomed at the headquarters, and meeting my teammates in person for the first time was awesome. The atmosphere today has just been top-notch.

- As for putting on the Astralis jersey? There's a certain sense of awe that comes with it. Wearing the Astralis colours means stepping into some big shoes and facing unique pressure. But it's a challenge, not a burden, and it's something I feel ready to embrace.

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The new Talent roster: Richart "Ansg1" Nielsen, Emil "KroK" Wiedermann, Jason "JBOEN" Boe Nielsen, Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen, and Andreas "kiR" Kirstein (from left to right).

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Playing Ball and Having Fun

With the main team arriving this week for their weeklong and monthly boot camp at the headquarters, the two rosters seized the opportunity to bond.

Together with the Sports Director, they took some time to get to know each other.

The guys, therefore, headed down to the parking lot to play some ball and share a laugh.

With both teams at the Astralis Headquarters, the guys seized the moment to head down to the parking lot to play ball and laugh.
Together with the Sports Director, the main team and talent lineup took some time to get to know each other