LEC Shows Its Teeth

LEC Shows Its Teeth

Week three has ended, and we are in a shared 7th place with Misfits Gaming at three wins and four losses.

On Friday, July 1, we met Fnatic, currently on a shared 1st spot with EXCEL and Rogue. Here, Xerxe surprised the casters at LEC by picking League of Legends' newest champion, Bel'Veth.

Our team focused on powering up Xerxe as much as possible, and despite our jungler being the only one leading in gold difference against his opposing role, it was not enough to beat the fanatics on the blue side.

The day after, we returned to the rift in an uplifted spirit against Team Vitality. After securing a solid lead, we transitioned into an even stronger mid-game, winning important team fights and securing objectives.

However, a few mistakes in key team fights during the transition to the late game were enough for Team Vitality to rush our Nexus and end the match on the wrong side of the map.

This week we are taking on EXCEL on Friday at 18:00 CEST and MAD Lions on Saturday at 18:00 CEST.