LEC Summer Split 2023: Ready for the Week 2 Clash

June 27, 2023

The third and last split of the LEC 2023 season has kicked off, and with a dominating win against Team BDS on June 19th, the League of Legends team has gained much-needed momentum going into the second weekend of matches in Berlin.

Currently in 5th place in the Summer Split, along with teams such as SK Gaming, KOI, Team Vitality, and Team BDS, the guys now have to step up to meet their own expectations and ambitions for this summer split.


On Saturday, June 24th, the squad will face off against MAD Lions, who are currently the leading team in the league, having started out with three wins in a row in the first round of matches.

The match will start at 22:00 CEST, and you can catch all the action and stream it live on Watch Astralis, with our skilled Danish casters delivering insights and perspectives on the captivating fights throughout all the matches.

Aiming to defeat the defending champions

Finn "Finn" WiestĂĄl, the team's toplaner, shared his perspective on this summer's major tournament last week:

Are you guys looking forward to kicking off the summer split?

- Absolutely! Being back on the LEC stage and competing is awesome.

What are your main objectives for this summer split?

- My main objective is to work together with this incredible team of five individuals and achieve our best performance in this split. I think we have what it takes to defeat any team in the league.

Are there any specific teams you are eager to defeat or teams that appear particularly strong?

- Defeating the defending champions, MAD, is a focus for us. They have been formidable opponents, and we must overcome that challenge. Our record against them this year alone is 1-7, so they're a mountain we must conquer.

After two tough losses against Fnatic and Team Heretics, the LoL squad fought determinedly to secure a victory in Week 1.

The BDS nexus fell thanks to combined efforts, a 15-3 kill difference, and a more than 12k gold lead.

With this dominating win, the team has gained good momentum and confidence as they gear up for Week 2.

Some of the best highlights from the win against BDS


  • On Sunday, June 25th, the guys will face off against Team Vitality at 19:00 CEST.
  • Lastly, they will take on G2 Esports at 20:00 CEST on Monday, June 26th.
  • Watch all the matches live here: astralis.gg/watch