Loss Against Vitality

Loss Against Vitality

On Thursday, we played our first game of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. Our first opponent was Vitality, and here is how it went.

We started the game on our map pick, Overpass. And what a start it was for Christian "Buzz" Andersen. Buzz managed nothing less than a pistol ace in his first Tier 1 round for Astralis! We were off to a great start and won the next few rounds, as well. From there on, however, it was a tight game of back-and-forth between our opponents and us.

Unfortunately, Vitality won the first map, but we took many positives with us and were ready for the second map, Vertigo. Vitality's map pick was a true thriller. With a strong start, the first half ended with a score of 5-10 in our favor. Unfortunately, Vitality had the high ground in the second half that eventually ended 15-15 after many intense rounds.

Following a short break, overtime began. Sadly, Vitality won four rounds in a row and won the game 19-15. Despite the loss, we showed great effort, and highlights, such as blameF's 1.73 rating on Overpass, dev1ce's 31 frags on Vertigo, and Buzz's ace, showed great glimpses of what is to come with this roster.

Our next game is on Saturday, where we will be facing Heroic at 18.30 CET. Thank you for your support, and don't forget to tune in on Saturday, as well!