Tough Loss in the Semi-final Against MOUZ

Tough Loss in the Semi-final Against MOUZ
  • Date: November 12th, 2023, at 05:00 CET
  • Tournament: Asia Championships 2023
  • Opponent: MOUZ (Europe)
  • Stage: Semi-Finals
  • Result: A 2-1 loss (0-13 on Overpass, 13-3 on Mirage and 7-13 on Vertigo)
  • Livestream: Astralis Watch

After a remarkable run in the CS Asia Championships 2023, the main team was ready to face MOUZ in what was set to be an enthralling Semi-final. Overcoming both Lynn Vision and ENCE in dominant fashion before the clash against MOUZ, the hopes were high for yet another strong and exciting watch!

Despite securing a convincing victory and showing strong form on MOUZ's chosen map, Mirage, pushing the semi-final clash to a thrilling final duel on Vertigo, the Danish team couldn't keep up their momentum. Their defensive strategy on the critical Vertigo map fell short, making a comeback in the second half on the T side elusive. This defeat in the semi-finals signaled the end of the road for the Danish team in Shanghai. Nonetheless, it was an impressive LAN tournament, where the team displayed significant potential ahead of the upcoming BLAST Fall Final on their home turf.

Outplayed on Overpass

Overpass was the first map of the Semi-Final. Despite being picked by the Danes and despite the obliteratingly strong performance on the same map against ENCE, the Danish squad fell short after an unfortunate T side proved too difficult to recover from.

MOUZ started off strong after winning the pistol round on their CT side, which they continued to dominate. A few good rounds sadly weren't enough to win more than three T side rounds for the Danes.

However, the second half proved that one bad half doesn't shock the dev1ce and co. Despite winning seven CT side rounds, the Danish Quintet was in a bad spot to take the win as all it took for MOUZ to win the map was four rounds. In the end, David "frozen" Cerňanský and his comrades took home the win on Overpass.

Majestic moves on Mirage

Time and time again Counter-Strike has proven to be a game in which nothing is certain; not even winning the map your team has chosen. MOUZ proved it on Overpass and the Danes proved it on Mirage (MOUZ' pick).

The Danish squad continued their CT side domiance initated on Overpass.

A first-half win with a 9-3 score and numerous highlights by the Danes kicked off a phenomenal map! Nicolai "device" Reedtz was up to his usual plays, and Victor 'Staehr' Staehr demonstrated too big of a cat for MOUZ. With a CT side rating of 2.18 and an overall rating of 2.23,

Staehr was a striking force of another world, as seen in the insane clip below:

The second half was another walk in the park, and four easy wins sealed the victory on Mirage with outstanding performances from the entire squad.

A long way down on Vertigo

Once again, the Danes found themselves in a decisive third map. Unfortunately, the small break after Mirage destroyed the Danes' momentum. MOUZ started off on their T side, which they sadly terorized the Danes on. A 0-12 half in favor of MOUZ was an unpleasant watch.

Once again, blameF and his teammates weren't discouraged by a poor half. A strong determination to fight back proved fruitful in the first part of the second half where the Danes took home seven rounds in dominant style. Sadly, history repeated itself as MOUZ needed only one more round win to secure the map, as ENCE only needed four rounds to end a great Danish comeback.

With this loss, the team sadly didn't qualify for the Asia Championship Final.

Unfortunately, device and co. lost despite great efforts