New multi-year agreement with Logitech G

February 14, 2024

Logitech G has been an integral part of the Astralis organization for many years, and now both parties have confirmed another multi-year agreement ensuring continued exposure, enriching the development of future products through design by collaboration, and delivering the highest quality activations across both digital and physical channels like at the Astralis Nexus. 

Since 2018, the players on Astralis' teams have successfully competed in tournaments around the world using Logitech G equipment, an experience that all guests at Astralis Nexus are treated to when they visit the organization's large gaming and event center in the heart of Copenhagen. 

Mads Rasmussen, Partnership Director at Astralis: 

“There is no greater mutual confirmation of a relationship like this than a multi-year extension of an already established partnership. Logitech G has been one of ourmost important partners for many years and our agreement is of significant importance to Astralis as a company and as an esports organization with several teams participating in some of the biggest international tournaments.

The extension is based on a number of the commercial elements and activation that we already know and which have been the backbone of our existing collaboration, plus a number of initiatives and fan activities that we will launch over the coming months in collaboration with, among others, Elgiganten, which is also an important partner. 

The multi-year agreement gives us peace of mind and the opportunity to use their sources to develop and deliver content and new opportunities to our many fans, who are always an important part of our partner agreements.” 

Carl Lehmann - Senior Marketing Manager, Logitech G: 

“Astralis is one of the most exciting brands in esports, constantly delivering at a high level that goes beyond esports and results. The foundations of this partnership are built on our shared values, and will allow both brands to strengthen connections with the fans and community through meaningful collaborations.

The partnership is significant in our mission to develop the best gaming gear in the world, ensuring Astralis continues to be involved in our design by collaboration process, delivering invaluable feedback that goes beyond the realms of testing.

Our journey with Astralis has an established history and we’re proud of it. Together we approach the future with optimistic enthusiasm.”

The partnership extends beyond the Astralis teams by incorporating the complete structure, allowing for integration at Astralis Nexus, on the broadcast channelAstralis Watch, and across all digital channels.