New Women's Team on the Way, Replacing 3 Players

June 28, 2024

Astralis Women will include three new players when the players reunite after the summer break.

As such, team captain Aurora Lyngdal, Josefine Jensen, and Anja Soelberg have played their final games for Astralis for now.

Sports Director Kasper Straube:

"First and foremost, I want to thank all three players for their tremendous and loyal effort for Astralis. They have all given their utmost, and I have nothing but praise for them and the way they have represented themselves and Astralis."

"Anja and Josefine have helped elevate the team during a period when, with relatively few resources, the team managed to qualify for the world's largest tournament, which demands a lot of respect. They are both skilled players and are a significant part of the reason we achieved an ambitious goal."

"I want to highlight our team captain, Aurora, who has been with us since before we even assembled the first women's team and who has been a driving force for Astralis and Astralis Women from day one."

"We have decided to take a different path with the team, but Aurora has previously expressed interest in pursuing a coaching career at some point and even though she still has a solid level as a player, I can easily see her in a different role later, also here in Astralis. There is tremendous respect for what Aurora has contributed to Astralis, and for us, it is not a farewell but hopefully a 'see you later.' She will always have a significant place when the history of Astralis Women is written."

Extending Contracts with Two of the Biggest Talents - Aiming for the Top

The three new players will be announced before the season starts, but the Sports Director is already willing to give a glimpse:

"We are extending contracts with Marie Toft and Isabella Ferslev, who are two of the best young players in the league and the biggest talents in Denmark. The new team will underline our seriousness with this team and our ambitions to play a role at the very top of Impact League."

"These days and weeks we are working on a broader strategic effort across our three teams' setup, where we will take even greater advantage of synergies and experience across the teams. The women's team will be part of the upcoming collaboration across all teams and coaches."

"I look forward to finalizing this work, and to presenting the new team, but right now, I primarily want to thank the three players. They have made a tremendous effort and deserve all the best," says Straube.