One for One in the RMR Qualifier

One for One in the RMR Qualifier

On February 16th we played our first two Bo1 matches in the RMR Major Qualifier where we suffered an unfortunate 14-16 opening loss to LDLC, while we bounced back and dealt a hard-hitting blow to PGE Turow against whom we won 16-2.

Our standing is now 1-1 in the Swiss group of the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR Closed Qualifier A.

With 16 teams attending we are fighting for a top 8 placement to qualify for the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR and need to win three matches to qualify directly for the RMRs.

The opening match against LDLC was a close game that sadly didn't go our way as we suffered defeat on Inferno, 14-16.

Our second Bo1 match was against PGE Turow and was our time to bounce back from the opening loss in the Swiss group. And we did.

The game was a swift beating of the Polish team on Nuke with blameF, device and Buzz all delivering unstoppable performances to close out the first CT half 13-2 and continuing with flawless T side to quickly close out the game 16-2.

Tonight, February 17th at 17:00 CET, we are facing Viperio in another Bo1 match in our third round of the Swiss group. You can watch the game here and on various other Twitch channels.

Be sure to cheer for the boys as we continue the road to qualify for the Paris Major RMRs!