One Step Closer to Paris

One Step Closer to Paris

After beating SAW 2-1 on February 18, Astralis Counter-Strike has qualified for the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR in Copenhagen on April 6-14.

After the map veto was done, we picked Ancient to SAW's Vertigo, with Inferno as the decider, and the game was on.

After a close first half with our team on the CT side, we swapped to T and turned on the heat. Eight consecutive round wins were enough to close out our map pick 16-7 convincingly. Here, especially blameF's meticulous aiming shined with a rating of 1.83.

After the win, we turned to Vertigo, where another close half had SAW in the lead with nine rounds on the T-side. Our T-side was equally strong, forcing SAW into overtime on their map pick. Despite a hard-hitting dev1ce with 30 kills, it was not enough to end the series, and we went into the deciding match on Inferno.

The close back-and-forth continued from the previous map, as both teams gave everything they had to secure the RMR spot. At half-time, the score was 7-8, and our team took to the terrorist side. The faceit-duo dev1ce and Buzz both had a brilliant game, and at the final moments, 15-14, we managed to close the game, and thus the series.

While the players and fans will have to wait till April to watch the RMRs, we're playing the ESL Pro League Season 17 in March, where we're in Group D.