One Victory Away from the RMR

One Victory Away from the RMR

We are now only one win away from qualifying for the RMR after winning 16-6 against Viperio.

We now sit at a 2-1 record, meaning we only need one more win to qualify according to the Swiss System format. Since our next match is a match for advancement, it is also a best-of-three fixture.

Our match against Viperio occurred on Overpass, a map where we only had a 33% win ratio during the last three months.

Despite the low win ratio and a rocky beginning, our newest addition to the team, Buzz, displayed character by reaching 22 frags and a 1.57 rating! It was mostly a one-sided affair, hence the 16-6 scoreline.

We are playing again tomorrow, February 18, versus another team with a 2-1 record, at around 15:30 CET. If we win the game, we qualify for the RMR. If we lose, we go 2-2 and have to play a decider match.

Once again, thank you for the support on social media!

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