0-2 On Opening Day

0-2 On Opening Day

Astralis on a dry streak on the opening day of the Major after losing two matches.

First, Astralis took a loss against Copenhagen Flames in the opening match of PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Astralis and Copenhagen Flames played the match on Overpass, where Astralis started on the T-side. Despite Magisk achieving most first kills across the board, the first half ended 6-9 to Copenhagen Flames.

The second half featured a dominant T-side from Copenhagen Flames, leaving no room for Astralis, ending the match swiftly with seven rounds in a row to a burning hot Flames team.

Later the same day, Astralis went up against Entropiq, who had lost against BIG earlier. The second game of the day for Astralis featured the recently updated map 'Dust 2', with Astralis IGL gla1ve top fragging on the Danish team.

However, a strong performance from Entropiq in the first half has Astralis entering the T-side with a 5-10 scoreline. The second and defining half went 1-6 in Entropiq's favor, resulting in a 0-2 total score for the previous Major champions.

The tournament continues Wednesday, where Astralis will be fighting to keep themselves in the tournament.