Our LEC Roster Is Complete. Welcome JeongHoon

Our LEC Roster Is Complete. Welcome JeongHoon

Today, we announce the addition of Lee "JeongHoon" Jeong-hoon as the new support for our LEC team. JeongHoon joins our team from the Korean challenger league (LCK CL), where he played for Fredit BRION Challengers.

Baltat 'AOD' Alin-Ciprian, Head Coach for Astralis League of Legends

- Lee, as a player, is someone always looking for the high-risk, high-reward play. He is a raw talent that is ready to shine on the big stage. He is extremely motivated and a hard worker that wants to succeed. It is already clear that he is super happy to be here and can't wait to start working on our preparations for the Summer split.

- Right now, our focus is to integrate him into our team. His English language is currently at a beginner level, but Lee is a quick learner, and with our team already settled, we can already start to prepare and be ready when the Summer split arrives.

- Many people will probably question our decision to sign JeongHoon, because of the other promising players currently playing in the ERLs. However, we did our due diligence and compared him to our other available options in Europe. Here, we saw an insanely skilled player that matches what we are looking for; a proactive play-making support player that can take over games through his decisive gameplay.

- Combined with Kobbe, we believe that our bot lane can be a strong weapon in the Summer split.

'JeongHoon' will have his debut as an Astralis player in the first match of the Summer Split.

With the addition of JeongHoon, this means that our roster for the 2022 Summer Split is set and consists of:

Top: Vizicsacsi
Jungle: Xerxe
Mid: Dajor
Ad carry: kobbe
Support: JeongHoon

The starting date of the LEC Summer Split is still to be announced.