patti sold, new talents incoming

patti sold, new talents incoming

Astralis, ECSTATIC, and Patrick "patti" Larsen have today agreed on a transfer of the Astralis Talent player to the Danish esports organization with immediate effect.

Patrick "patti" has been an important part of the team’s performance and tournament victories throughout 2023, and we wish "patti" all the best in the future and thank him for an always great effort.

Kasper Straube, Sports Director:

- The talent team has done really well for a long time and our players have become hugely sought after by other teams. In addition to that, the team's former coach has become part of our first team, and we are currently in the process of finding the right coach and establishing the team card for the coming season.

- As a player at Astralis Talent, you should always know that we invest in the player's development with the goal of reaching such a high level, the player is a potential Astralis first team player. That is the ultimate goal, however, there can be multiple reasons why this does not happen, and in those cases, we shouldn't stand in the way when the opportunity to play at a higher level in another organization arises and the timing fits into the plans.

- We have seen that with "br0" and now "patti", who have both been given opportunities that they want to pursue, and this scenario will always be our goal. Preferably in our own organization, of course.

- I am proud and happy for the players who now move on, and look forward to presenting the new players and our future Astralis Talent Coach, Straube comments.

(Photo by mistgamesgg)