Peter "casle" Ardenskjold appointed as Main Team Coach

December 22, 2022
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In October, work began on a modernization of the setup in Astralis' Counter-Strike organization, and in this connection, Astralis Talent Coach Peter "casle" Ardenskjold was appointed temporary Coach for the Main team, responsible for helping mapping out the needs on and around the team.

This work continues, and an important piece is now in place, as Peter "casle" himself is appointed as the permanent Coach for the main team.

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports

- When it was decided to invest further in the team and a significant upgrade of the Counter-Strike organization, it was natural to reach out to Peter, who, in addition to being an excellent coaching talent, is extremely strong in building the structure of a team. We knew that when we first brought him in as a very talented coach for Astralis Talent, and it has been confirmed by his work, where in a short time, he has significantly lifted the talents to a high level with several titles.

He (Peter) has proven to be a very skilled coach who has earned the players' complete trust - Kasper Hvidt

- He has provided significant input in shaping the new organization and has proven to be a very skilled coach who has earned the players' complete trust.

- There were several profiles in play for the role, but it is impossible to neglect Peter's qualities, so the choice was easy in the end. Peter has the values we always look for in Astralis, and we are delighted that he has accepted the challenge to be a vital part of what will be our new organization around the team, says Kasper Hvidt.

Peter "casle" Ardenskjold, Coach

- Even when I started with the talents, I could see opportunities around the main team setup. So when I got the opportunity to take over temporarily and became part of creating a new, strong organization and a revitalized team, I, of course, agreed right away.

I am very much looking forward to 2023 - Peter "casle" Ardenskjold

- We have come a long way with the roles on the team, but we are by no means finished. Neither with roles nor with the organization, and I am glad that I can now continue with the work we have started.

- I will be a permanent part of that work, and I am very much looking forward to 2023, where we have one single goal: To prove that we belong at the very top of Counter-Strike. Everything we do is based on thorough preparatory work that will make the team stronger and enable the players to meet our high ambitions. I hope we can unveil more before the new year. I'm already looking forward to getting started with 2023, says Astralis' Counter-Strike Coach.

In addition to the permanent appointment of the coach, Astralis also says goodbye and a big thank you for always professional and dedicated work to Frederik "Lomme" Nielsen, who has been an analyst since November 2021.