Playoffs Secured For IEM Cologne

Playoffs Secured For IEM Cologne

After emerging victorious against Cloud9 in the upper bracket semi-finals 2-0, our Counter-Strike team has secured play-offs where they will play in front of the crowd in Lanxess Arena.

After beating Furia 2-0 on July 8, our Counter-Strike team advanced to the upper bracket semi-finals, where Cloud9 was waiting after winning against Outsider 2-0 aswell.

We started the BO3 on our map pick, Inferno, where a solid 10-5 half on the t-side secured a comfortable ct-side with room to breathe. We ended Inferno 16-11, with the clutch minister, Xyp9x, topping the scoreboard with 26 kills.

Map two was Cloud9-chosen Mirage, where our CT-side held off the aggressors, only letting five rounds slip past in the first half. After reversing the roles, we closed the game quickly, with six t-side wins after nine rounds, closing the game and thus the series 16-8. blameF controlled his team's fate with yet another 30-bomb and an excellent 1.89 rating to match.

After winning the upper bracket semi-finals, we advance to the group stage finals against FaZe. The match is set for July 10, 19:30 CEST.