POWER Ligaen Recap: Both Teams Splitting Results

POWER Ligaen Recap: Both Teams Splitting Results

This week, four matches in total were played, split between the Talent team and the Women's squad.

Both squads claimed a victory and suffered a defeat.

First Half Lead, Second Half Lost

On October 6th, the young guns first faced CEPTER BITSKINS and, shortly after, met Exzentriq United.

While the first fixture against CEPTER BITSKINS favored the Talents, the story wasn't to be repeated this time. 

The enemies began the match on Anubis by winning three rounds in a row, but the match was quickly tied up 3-3, which even evolved into a 7-3 lead in favor of the red-shirted players.

CEPTER BITSKINS then won nine straight rounds before Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen and co. forced a partial buy-round to put them back on the scoreboard, resulting in a 12-8 score.

Unfortunately, CEPTER BITSKINS continued their winning streak and won the match 9-16.

MistR reached 20 frags in the 9-16 defeat.

Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

The next obstacle was Exzentriq United, who the Talents beat 16-7 in their former matchup. 

Emil "kroK" Wiedemann was determined to win as he achieved a marvelous 29-17 kill-to-death ratio and a 1.48 rating.

In addition to that, he had the most first kills on the server, claiming ten opening frags.

Exzentriq United couldn't stand up to the performance of the Talents as the latter won the match 16-11.

kroK went crazy in the 16-11 victory against Exzentriq United.

Next matches in POWER Ligaen

On Monday, November 13th, the Talent team will fight against:

  • Sashi Esport at 19:00 CET
  • MASONIC Academy at 20:00 CET

Newest Addition Prevails

Two matches were also on the card for the Women's team, facing Team Brøndby Strand and Ølgod Efterskole 3 in Division 4 of POWER Ligaen.

Because of eye inflammation, Marie "marie" Toft couldn't play, but luckily the coach, Søren "zibron" Geertsen, stepped in for the young rifler.

Anubis was chosen as the map versus Team Brøndby Strand, and ended up being an excellent choice for Aurora "aurora" Lyngdal's squad.

With a 1.42 rating, a 27-17 kill-to-death ratio, and 110.1 average damage per round, Isabella "Ismo" Ferslev triumphed in the 16-10 victory against Team Brøndby Strand.

Ismo marked herself as the topfragger on the server.

A Slender Defeat

It became an intense showdown versus Ølgod Efterskole 3 on Vertigo.

Despite a flying zibron, who claimed 25 frags, and a superb team performance, Ølgod Efterskole 3 narrowly took the win 13-16.

In the end, Mathias "Pølsevognen" Pedersen-Campos had the upper hand and reached 32 frags and a 1.56 rating, which played a huge role in their victory.

Coach zibron tried his best to help the squad claim another victory, but couldn't close it in the end.

Next matches in POWER Ligaen

On Tuesday, November 14th, the Women's team will face:

  • Halstedhus.Masonic at 19:00 CET
  • Sørby Immortals at 20:00 CET