Proceeding to Playoffs

February 13, 2023

On February 11th our Rainbow Six squad ended their last playday of the group stage in the Six Invitational 2023 with a 1-2 loss against Team BDS.

This places us fourth in Group C, which means we are advancing to the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs in the $3,000,000 USD tournament.

The final standing for Group C is as follows:

  • 1. LOS One 13p
  • 2. Team BDS 8p
  • 3. Oxygen Esports 8p
  • 4. Astralis 7p
  • 5. CYCLOPS athlete gaming 4p

The match against Team BDS began on the opponents' map pick Kafe Dostoyevsky on which we were down 1-5 in the first half and only managed to get a couple of attacking round wins before we lost 3-7 on map 1.

The second map was our map pick Oregon, on which especially Jack "J9O" Burkard shined as the second highest rated player in the series.

After losing the first two rounds as attackers we switched onto another gear and went on a 5 round winning streak to make it 5-2. Team BDS answered back with two more round wins before we closed out the map 7-4 with two round wins as defenders.

Third and final map was Bank which was a very back and forth deciding map. The first half as defenders ended 2-4 but the second half was entirely back and forth as we exchanged round wins with the opponents every round.

We were getting close to taking the third map to overtime needing just one more round win on the attacking side but unfortunately the defenders shut us down and we had to surrender 5-7.

Get ready to watch our Rainbow Six team compete in the lower bracket of the Playoffs in the coming week!