Rasmus 'zyph0n' Nordfoss To Join Pro League Roster

Rasmus 'zyph0n' Nordfoss To Join Pro League Roster

zyph0n will watch and learn at Pro League

Just like Mads 'vester' Vestergaard had the opportunity to sit with the main Counter-Strike team during IEM Katowice and listen in on preparations, Rasmus 'zyph0n' Nordfoss will now have his turn at Pro League S13.

Rasmus 'zyph0n' Nordfoss

The 16-year old Talent player will not be expected to play during Pro League but will gather valuable experience from listening in on team comms and be part of the preparation that the main team goes through ahead of one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

Astralis begin their Pro League journey on March 25 in Group D.

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