Ready for Playoffs: Dominant Victory Over ENCE Secures Semi-Final Spot

November 8, 2023
  • Date: November 8th, 2023
  • Tournament: Asia Championships 2023
  • Opponent: ENCE (International)
  • Stage: Group A Upper Bracket Final
  • Result: A 2-1 win (13-2 on Overpass, 10-13 on Vertigo, and 13-2 on Ancient)

With their second victory of the day, the main team has now secured a spot in the Semi-Finals of the Asia Championship, overcoming ENCE in a 2-1 series. Delivering a dominant performance on Overpass and replicating their prowess on the deciding map, Ancient, dev1ce, and his team clinched the win, leaving little room for their opponents to alter the outcome of the Upper Final in Group A.

Overall, Victor "Staehr" Staehr emerged as the match's standout performer, leading with the most kills (41), the highest damage dealt (91.2), and the most assists (16). The in-game leader also boasted the best match rating at 1.40.

Obliterating Performance on Overpass

The pistol round was intense from the get-go, as frags were equally traded into a 3v3 situation with 30 seconds left. ENCE defended the site and took the initial round despite a great 1v3 attempt from Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz.

The Danes responded well to losing the first round by force-buying and winning the second, making the snowball roll. Nine consecutive rounds were acquired until ENCE managed to get their second, scoring 9-2. It was a team performance as everybody showed up, but the captain, Benjamin "blameF" Bremer kept up the pace from the former match as he had an 11-1 K/D after ten rounds of play. ENCE got a free B-site in the pistol round of the second half, but a retake wasn't a problem as Christian "Buzz" Andersen had a defuse kit, which came in handy.

Shortly after, the match was over as a fantastic performance from the team resulted in a convincing 13-2 map victory.

With their second victory of the day, the main team has now secured a spot in the Semi-Finals of the Asia Championship, overcoming ENCE in a 2-1 series.

ENCE Rebounds Strongly

In a commanding display on Overpass, ENCE rebounded strongly on their chosen battleground, Vertigo, securing a 13-10 victory. Despite succumbing to an initial defeat, the Danish Quintet still displayed a remarkable determination, clawing their way back into the fight with a 10-8 advantage in the second half while on the Terrorist side. Nevertheless, ENCE's relentless five-round surge reversed the flow of the match once again, ultimately claiming Vertigo as their territory.

Pavle "Maden" Bošković was, this time, the architect of ENCE's triumph, showcasing his prowess with an outstanding 24-15 kill-to-death ratio and a solid 1.71 rating. On the Danish front, Victor "Staehr" Staehr emerged as the standout player on Vertigo, notching a 20-7 K/D and a commendable 1.27 rating.

Additionally, dev1ce's skillful maneuvers were a spectacle in themselves, as illustrated in the highlight reel below.

Clinching Victory in a Commanding Manner

The battle escalated to a third and final map, Ancient, which, in contrast to the closely contested battle on Vertigo, was dominated by the Danes. 

dev1ce and his team showcased unwavering determination, quickly securing a 4-0 lead. ENCE managed to respond with two rounds, but their resurgence was short-lived. The Danes then orchestrated a nine-round attack, demonstrating sheer dominance, culminating in a decisive 13-2 victory on the deciding map, wrapping up the series 2-1 in the Group A Upper Final.

Victor "Staehr" Staehr persisted as the standout player, boasting a 12-6 K/D and an impressive 1.74 rating.

  • With this win, the team has fought their way into the playoffs of the Asia Championships 2023
  • The Danes have earned a direct entry into the semi-finals of this prestigious LAN tournament, which commences at 5:00 CET on Sunday, November 12th
  • As always, you can watch the match LIVE on Astralis Watch