Ready for Quarter Finals After Crushing 3DMAX

April 30, 2024
anders funder
  • Date: April 27, 2024
  • Tournament: ESL Pro League Season 19 (LAN)
  • Opponent: 3DMAX (France), ranked 54th in ESL World Rankings
  • Format: Group A upper bracket final (Best of Three). The winner advances to the quarter-finals, while the losing team moves to the second round of the playoffs.
  • Result: A convincing 2-0 victory (13-7 on Inferno, 13-3 on Ancient)
  • Next Match: The quarter-finals are scheduled for May 9 at 19:30 CEST. Our opponent will be determined later.
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dev1ce and his teammates are advancing straight to the ESL Pro League S19 quarter-finals after an exceptionally dominant performance and a comfortable 2-0 win against 3DMAX. Taking first place in Group A tops off an impressive run in the group stage, where our Main team didn't drop a single map. 

We took on Eternal Fire and FaZe before simply destroying the French squad.

Our boys in Malta secured a super solid 13-7 win on Inferno before closing out the series with an impressive 13-3 thrashing on Ancient, where Jakob "jabbi" Nygaard delivered an outstanding showing, achieving a crazy 2.15 rating.

We crushed it on our favorite map at the moment, Ancient, and breezed through the opponent's pick, Inferno, with no sweat. jabbi was the standout player in this upper-final clash, with the most kills (41), the most average damage dealt (119.9), and the best rating (1.78).

  • jabbi's stats: 41 kills (24 headshots), 22 deaths, 10 assists, and a 1.78 rating. 
  • dev1ce's stats: 35 kills (10 headshots), 12 deaths, 10 assists, and a 1.71 rating.

Clinching a comfortable win on Inferno

On 3DMAX's map pick, Inferno—a slightly CT-sided map—the Frenchmen kicked off the Group A upper bracket final by winning the pistol round, a bit surprisingly. But from there, dev1ce and his squad unleashed near-total dominance on the defensive side, playing their tactics aggressively and confidently. Banana control was no problem for our boys, who crushed all opposition throughout the first half and forced the surprise package of the tournament, the 3DMAX roster, to take a super early timeout, hoping to shake off their shaky start.

After losing the first two rounds, our lineup responded quickly and decisively with a triple kill from Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, who reigned supreme in mid, leaving no breathing room for 3DMAX. The Danes did a superb job protecting the bombsites and played with great confidence in their skills, fighting their way to a powerful seven-round winning streak, making it 7-2 before switching sides at 8-4.

On the T side, the squad maintained their momentum and quickly closed outthe map 13-7.  jabbi was on fire on the streets of Inferno, topping the scoreboard with 21 kills, an ADR of 119.0, and 7 assists.

On our map pick, Ancient, we completely dominated the French, overpowering them 13-3, with jabbi keeping up his crazy performance.

jabbi's stats on Ancient

  • Most kills: 20
  • Most damage: 121.1
  • Most first kills: 5
  • Best rating: 2.15

What's next?

  • The quarter-finals are scheduled for May 9 at 19:30 CEST.