Red Bull and Astralis Enter into New, Extensive Partnership

January 11, 2024

Astralis and Red Bull have entered a new, significant partnership that will be visible across all of the organization's Counter-Strike teams, on all digital channels, and in the gaming center Astralis Nexus, which in this connection will undergo a comprehensive upgrade of facilities and range of gaming experiences.

Director of Partnerships at Astralis, Mads Rasmussen:

- Red Bull is one of the most interesting and captivating brands within media and entertainment, and at Astralis we are proud to enter into a collaboration of this magnitude. Red Bull will become an integral part of the Astralis experience in the new, rebuilt Astralis Nexus, which will be ready before summer, but also across our broadcast and digital media.

- It is a brand that for many equates to breaking boundaries, high ambitions and top athletes in both mainstream sports and in new, entertaining forms of sports entertainment, and here our two brands fit very well together.

- Astralis aims for the stars and Red Bull gives you wings, and we believe that the combination of the two brands will offer fans and gamers of all kinds some new, engaging and fun experiences. Whether it's in the content we plan together for our broadcast and channels or physically in our gaming center, one thing is for sure; it won’t be boring, says the partnership director.

Red Bull will initially appear on all Astralis' player jerseys, also for the upcoming Counter-Strike Major, which will be held in Copenhagen's Royal Arena in February and March, as well as digital channels.

The agreement is multi-year and activation will be rolled out over the coming months.