Remarkable Weekend Across Our Teams

Remarkable Weekend Across Our Teams

On the weekend of February 17-19, our League of Legends team in the LEC, Rainbow Six team in the Six Invitational, and Counter-Strike in the RMR qualifications all had significant performances and achievements!

Record Placement in LEC

In League of Legends, we played an elimination match against Team BDS in the LEC Winter playoffs. After a defeat in game 1, our team huddled together and returned fire in game two. Game three was a convincing display of confidence and skill, as we closed out the game and thus the series after just 28 minutes, with 4-0 dragon souls and a 14k gold lead.

Despite a loss against MAD Lions, we finished our run in LEC Winter on a shared 5-6th place, marking one of the most successful placements in the LEC ever under the Astralis-banner.

Top four in Six Invitational

Meanwhile, our Rainbow Six team was entering the final weekend of the Six Invitational 2023. On Friday, February 17, KOI was the team to beat, which our squad handled with a 2-1 victory, leading them into the lower bracket semifinal against G2 Esports. Despite two intense matches, with the first one going into overtime, our journey ended here as G2 continued to win the tournament. We end the Six Invitational in fourth place, with $170,000 in prize money and a lot of emotions on scene. After the event, the 2023 Majors were revealed, and the next will be happening on Astralis' home turf in Copenhagen in May.

RMR Spot Secured

Finally, our Counter-Strike team secured their goal of qualifying for the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR in Copenhagen on April 6-14. Despite losing the first match in the Swiss format, our team pulled through and won the next three games in a row. The final battle against SAW was no walk-over, but solid performances across the board secured the third and final map 16-14.

Overall, a very positive weekend for our teams, marking an exciting beginning of what suggests a great year.