RMR Guide: Why IEM Fall Is So Important

RMR Guide: Why IEM Fall Is So Important

What you need to know about RMR

The (second) most important tournament of the year is dawning upon us. IEM Fall 2021 begins September 29 and features 24 of the best European teams.

First match for Astralis will be on September 29 versus Endpoint at 20:15 CEST.

IEM Fall 2021 is an RMR tournament - what does that mean?

  • RMR (Regional Major Ranking) is a point system used to determine which teams qualify for the Major.
  • Each RMR tournament awards points to the participating teams based on performance.
  • The RMR tournaments are hosted on a regional basis with Europe getting 11 slots at the Major.
  • This means that only the 11 best teams from Europe will qualify.
  • IEM Fall 2021 will be the last RMR tournament before the Major, making it a "make it or break it" situation for most teams.

The European RMR standings

  1. Heroic [1660 points] [Legend*]
  2. G2 Esports [1640 points] [Legend]
  3. Mousesports [1600 points] [Legend]
  4. Ninjas in Pyjamas [1488 points] [Challenger**]
  5. Team Vitality [1480 points] [Challenger]
  6. BIG [1200 points] [Challenger]
  7. FPX [1040 points] [Challenger]
  8. Astralis [1024 points] [Challenger]
  9. Double Poney [720 points] [Challenger]
  10. Sprout [480 points] [Contender***]
  11. OG [430 points] [Contender]

* Qualified for the main arena event

** Qualified for the first stage

*** Qualified for the first stage

As the standings look now, Astralis has a great chance to qualify for the first stage.

IEM Fall 2021

IEM Fall features Round-robin BO1 in the group stage with a single elimination BO3 playoffs stage. Grand Final will be BO5.

All matches will be announced on our schedule page when the information becomes public.