Season End For League of Legends

Season End For League of Legends

After an intense final superweekend in the LEC with almost all the six playoff spots up for contention, we failed to reach our target and lost out on a playoff spot in the Summer Split of 2022.

On Friday, Aug. 12, we went up against Fnatic on stage in Berlin, as all our players had tested negative on precautionary covid-19 tests ahead of the previous weekend's online appearance. In the match, both toplaner Vizicsacsi and midlaner Dajor picked some unusual champions to surprise the Fnatic roster with Kennen and Karma. However, the element of surprise was not enough to rattle Fnatic, and we lost our first game of the superweekend after just 32 minutes.

Saturday was the day to conquer as we faced MAD Lions. Twenty-eight minutes into the game, things were looking relatively smooth for the Astralis team. Three drakes and a gold lead of 6.000 was secured, leading into the targeted end game where we historically have won most of our matches. However, a failed Baron-attempt-turned-into-triple-kill for MAD Lions' Sivir started pivoting the game in the opposite direction. After 45 minutes, this marathon of a match had seven slain dragons and a very even gold difference. After 48 minutes, MAD Lions secured the ace and used the opportunity to close the game.

Sunday was our final showing, and we knew it would be our last, as other teams had managed to secure enough matches to secure all six playoff spots. We went up against EXCEL in the opening match with our heads held high, charging into battle with Vizicsacsi's signature champion, Poppy. This game ended way too early for us, as a dragon fight at the 30-minute-mark opened enough space for EXCEL to rush our base and end the game before we had a chance to respawn.

What awaits next for the League of Legends esports scene is the playoffs in the LEC, where the six qualified teams compete for four spots at the upcoming Worlds tournament later in the year. Our team will play against when the LEC Spring Split of 2023 starts in January next year.