Second Week of LEC Incoming

Second Week of LEC Incoming
Photo credit: KonkolMichal

Our LEC team has a busy weekend ahead of them, with the second week of LEC Winter beginning tomorrow.

The LEC Winter Split begun last week, and, unfortunately, our League of Legends team was defeated in all three matches and we are currently sitting at 10th place.

Our coach, AoD, speaks on the focus points for the upcoming matches

- We're prioritizing fixing the most immediate issues since time is rather short between week 1 and week 2. We are also focusing on playing better around our mid/jungle setup and adjusting our objective setups.

- Drafts are also a priority for us and something we have touched upon. So overall, we've set a lot of things in motion and we expect to collect the rewards when the official games come.

Since coming to Berlin, the squad has put in a lot of preparation, but according to AoD, we haven't yet displayed our full potential yet.

How are we feeling on the team after this week's results?

- Mood was for sure down. We all know we are much better than what we showed, and the work we put in since December did not end up showing up in our performance in week 1.

- Not much time to lick our wounds however, we are all back up and grinding to turn things around in week 2.

Upcoming matches (Week 2)

  • Astralis vs. Team Vitality (January 28, 18:00 CET)
  • Astralis vs. Team BDS (January 29, 18:00 CET)
  • Astralis vs. EXCEL (January 30, 18:00 CET)

Tournament Information:

Tournament: League of Legends EMEA Championship 2023
Prize pool: €40.000 + spots in MID 2023 and LEC Finals.
Dates: January 21 - February 26.
Format: Stage 1 - Round Robin Bo1

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