Semifinals Secured After Hectic Mousesports Game

Semifinals Secured After Hectic Mousesports Game

Nailbiter sends Astralis through to semifinals

Saturday, October 3, Astralis was faced with the task of overcoming Mousesports in the lower bracket semifinal. It was a promising start for Astralis stomping Mousesports on their own map pick Dust2, 16-3. Karrigan and his army of mice were very quick to respond with a devastating half on Inferno, putting Astralis behind 1-14 and finishing 6-16 for Mousesports.

After trading maps picks it all came down to the third map decider: Nuke. A clean 12-3 half from Astralis on the CT side became 12-13 in a matter of thirty minutes as mousesports clawed their way back at a haunting pace. From 14-14, to 14-15, to 15-15.

Finally Astralis closed out the came, 19-17 booking their semifinal spot and is granted a chance of revenge over Heroic who awaits.

The winner of Astralis vs. Heroic goes through to the grand final where NAVI is waiting.

Astralis vs. Heroic starts Saturday, October 3, CEST 21:00

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