Showing Teeth Against MAD Lions

Showing Teeth Against MAD Lions

Photo: Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

After an intense BO3 against MAD Lions on February 12, we got one victory and two losses, putting us against Team BDS on Saturday, February 18.

AOD and Vandett0 shaking hands with MAD Lions' coaches. Photo: Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

The first match had us on the red side, with MAD Lions Hylissang getting the first blood on Kobbe after four minutes of play. By the 10-minute mark, our team was back on track, with three kills on each side of the rift. A tense teamfight turned sour at the 24-minute-mark had MAD Lions securing the baron, which turned into an unstoppable siege, causing us to lose the first of the three matches.

The second match had an explosive start with 12 kills after just 10 minutes, with 7 of the kills in our favor. After 18 minutes, our ADC Kobbe and midlane Dajor pushed forward with plenty of kills, and 113 secured three drakes. Our momentum was too much to handle for the MAD Lions, and with a clean dragon soul and almost 6k gold lead, we ended the match, tying the series 1-1.

A surprise was waiting for the MAD Lions as our botlane had a secret up their sleeve. Kobbe on Cassiopeia and JeongHoon as Twitch support was picked for the duo, who had an oppressive lane presence early in the game. At 17 minutes, the game was open for both sides, with equal kills and a slight gold and drake lead for MAD Lions. As the match continued, MAD Lions managed to keep their dragon lead, and after 28 minutes, we lost a penultimate teamfight and, thus, the game.

Now our eyes are fixated on Saturday, where we'll meet Team BDS. The winner gets to continue their journey in the playoffs while the loser is eliminated from LEC Winter.