Shuttle’s Hero Clutch Saves The Day

February 15, 2023

We're off to a great debut as we beat Soniqs 2-1 in our first Playoffs match in the Six Invitational 2023 - bringing us one step closer to the Quarter Finals.

The match started February 14 at 19:00 CET and ended with a hard-earned victory in which our Rainbow Six boys displayed great team work - including an insane 1v4 clutch from Shuttle - to conquer Soniqs in an otherwise very close BO3 series.

After losing the first map and our map pick "Border" 5-7, the stakes were high as we fought for Playoffs survival on the second map and Soniqs map pick, Oregon.

It was a tight 9 rounds of back and forth that eventually led to the opponents leading 4-5, putting the pressure on us.

With the entirety of our team looking sharp and playing together as one deadly unit we managed to grab the last three round wins as attackers and seal the second map with a 7-5 win.

It all came down to the third map, Theme Park, and what a thrilling ride it turned out to be.

After a decent start to the map with a couple of attacking round wins, Soniqs made the final map very challenging as they won the three following rounds to end the first half 2-4.

But on the second half as defenders we turned the Theme Park into our sanctuary and guarded it with our lives as we strung together three round wins in a row, eventually tying the score up 5-5 as were fighting neck to neck with the opponents.

And then Aaron “Shuttle” Dugger showed up... In the 11th round Shuttle pulled out an absolute hero play as he managed to win a 1v4 clutch that led us to 6-5.

With the momentum now entirely on our side, our Rainbow Six team put the final nail in the coffin as we won the third and final map 7-5 winning the series 2-1 and thereby eliminating Soniqs from the tournament.

Our Siege squad is in it for the long ride, so strap in and watch the battle continue as we face Los One on February 15 at 01:00 CET in the second match of our lower bracket playoffs run.