Stats of the week: dev1ce topping the charts in Dallas

Stats of the week: dev1ce topping the charts in Dallas

Although the main team did not make it to the Grand Final at the 2023 IEM Dallas LAN tournament, one player from the Danish roster still shone above the others after the final map between ENCE and MOUZ was played over the weekend in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

As you review the LAN tournament's stats in Dallas, it's evident that Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz performed exceptionally well and gave a strong showing.

The Danish team made it to the quarter-finals but unfortunately lost to MOUZ on the first day of the playoffs. 

Even though dev1ce only played eight maps, he still managed to dominate the overall stats. 

dev1ce was the player with the highest rating, receiving a score of 1.42.

The tournament MVP, ENCE's Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia, ended up with the second-best player rating (1.27).

Therefore, dev1ce deserves mention in this week's statistics column.

The highest-rated player in IEM Dallas 2023:

  1. device (Astralis): 1.42
  2. SunPayus (ENCE): 1.27
  3. frozen (MOUZ): 1.25
  4. stavn (Heroic): 1.24
  5. KSCERATO (FURIA): 1.22

Kills pr. Round:

  1. device (Astralis): 0.94
  2. try (9z): 0.83
  3. Vexite (Grayhound): 0.81
  4. m0NESY (G2): 0.80
  5. SunPayus (ENCE): 0.79

Impact rating:

  1. device (Astralis): 1.59 rating
  2. try (9z): 1.31
  3. Vexite (Grayhound): 1.30
  4. SunPayus (ENCE): 1.30
  5. Ax1Le (Cloud9): 1.29


  1. KSCERATO (FURIA): 80%
  2. frozen (MOUZ): 78.4%
  3. device (Astralis): 77.4%
  4. stavn (Heroic): 77.2%
  5. regali (OG): 76.3%

(KAST: Percentage of rounds in which the player either had a kill, assist, survived, or was traded)

Securing a 5-6th place in Dallas

Unfortunately, the main team's great performance in the IEM tournament in Dallas ended on June 2nd during the quarter-finals after a challenging match against MOUZ.

In a 2-0 series, the Danish quintet lost to MOUZ, with a defeat in overtime 20-22 on the European combine's map pick Inferno and a loss of 9-16 on their own pick, Ancient.

In the first LAN tournament with the talented 19-year-old Alexander "Altekz" Givskov on the main team, the guys achieved 5-6th place and won a prize of $10,000.