Steering Through Challenging Times: From Major Qualifier Upset to Roster Changes and Introduction of a New IGL

April 8, 2024

In this new episode of the Get To Know series, we dive deep into the challenging and dedicated work of the two masterminds behind the main roster, none other than our Sports Director, Kasper Straube, and Head of Performance, Jan Ø. Jørgensen.

It's no lie that the past few months have been particularly challenging, complicated, and, in one instance, heartbreaking—when the Danes failed to qualify for Copenhagen's historic first-ever CS2 Major on home turf.

In this interview, the Performance Management team addresses issues on and off the server within the squad and shares their thoughts on recovering from this setback and steering back to the top of the Counter-Strike hierarchy.

Making Significant Roster Changes

The disappointing results at the Europe RMR in Bucharest, Romania, led to significant consequences for the lineup.

The in-game leader, Benjamin "blameF"Bremer, was benched and replaced by the legendary star AWP'er, Nicolai "dev1ce'"Reedtz. At the same time, the team welcomed former Astralis Talent player Alexander 'br0' Bro as a new addition to the lineup. This young, talented player is expected to help both Jakob "jabbi" Nygaard and Martin "stavn" Lund transition into more proven and preferred roles on the server, hopefully leading to better performances in future tournaments.

Lastly, the performance management decided to hire Casper "ruggah" Due as the new head coach, a move that quickly brought fresh perspectives and strategies to the team. At the same time they bid a farewell to Mathias "R0nic" Pinholt, the assistant coach who had acted as interim head coach for the past few months.

There was a lot of dramatic stuff to discuss, and that's precisely what we did with Straube and Jan Ø. at the gaming center Nexus in the heart of Copenhagen.