Talent and Women Recap: Playoffs and ESL Impact Debut

Talent and Women Recap: Playoffs and ESL Impact Debut
  • Date: March 3 - March 6, 2024
  • Tournaments: POWER Ligaen S25, ESEA Open S48, United21 and ESL Impact S5
  • Livestream: Catch all the action at Astralis Watch

It's been an action-packed week for both the Women and the Talent team. Headlining this week is Astralis Talent, who secured a spot on the POWER Liga Playoffs, and the Woman's team playing their first ESL Impact match.

Playoffs, Here We Go!


On Wednesday, March 6, the blue-shirted players from Astralis played three matches in the Danish POWER Liga. It wasn't the prettiest as IMA PROBLEM succeeded in a comeback in the first match on Overpass, but that was quickly forgotten as they dominated CEPTER BITSKINS on Ancient a few hours later. 

By beating CEPTER BITSKINS, they gained enough points (24) to secure a top-four spot in the league, meaning playoffs are secured no matter what. Later that same evening Andreas "kiR" Kirstein and his troops were defeated by Atlantic on Nuke.

  • Result: 12-16 vs. IMA PROBLEM (Overpass)
  • Result: 13-4 vs. CEPTER BITSKINS (Ancient)
  • Result: 6-13 vs. Atlantic (Nuke)

If I had a dollar for every time Astralis Talent faced Permitta - I would have a few. The two rosters have often met in 2024, with results going both ways, but this time, the Danes prevailed in a best-of-three match.

  • Result: 2-1 vs. Permitta (9-13 on Anubis, 13-9 on Nuke and 13-10 on Vertigo)

The Ukrainian team, Passion UA, was too big of a task in the Upper Bracket Semi-Final and, unfortunately, took the win 1-2 against the Danes.

  • Result: 1-2 vs. Passion UA (8-13 on Inferno, 13-9 on Ancient, 8-13 on Vertigo)
IEM Dallas Open Qual 2

It was a short-lived Talent team that participated in the IEM Dallas Open Qualifier #2 as they fell short in round three (the first match was a walkover) versus School of Magic.

  • Match 1 result: 13-1 vs. School of Magic (Ancient)
  • Match 2 result: 13-9 vs. jvpvn (Ancient)
  • Match 3 result: 4-13 vs. KOMNATA (Anubis)
What's Next?
  • On Friday, March 8, the Talent roster faces ENCE Academy in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinal in United21 Season 12.
  • Catch all the action at Astralis Watch
POWER League

Remaining undefeated in the POWER League with a beautiful 13-7 win on Vertigo.

  • Result: 13-7 vs. Espergærde Esport Elite (Vertigo)

ESEA Open S48 Playoffs

Unfortunate loss for Aurora 'aurora' Lyngdal and her team on a BO3 in the ESEA Open again Silencers.

  • Result: 1-2 vs. Silencers (13-4 on Anubis, 10-13 on Overpass, and 3-13 on Vertigo)

ESL Impact Season 5

The Womens team faced off against BIG EQUIPA as their first oppenent in the prestigious ESL Impact League. They proved to difficult a task as they went 0-2 in a BO3.

  • Result: 0-2 vs. BIG EQUIPA (7-13 on Inferno, and 6-13 on Vertigo)
What's Next?