Th0masHD Finishes Dreamhack Summer On Top

June 22, 2022

Dreamhack Summer Lan in Jönköping has just finished, where Th0masHD participated in the two Fortnite tournaments, regular and Zero Build.

Th0masHD finished in 10th place in the Battle Royale tournament and 3rd place in the Zero Build tournament, earning a total prize pool of $8,300.

Our Fortnite player, Th0masHD, took the trip up to Jönköping in Sweden on Friday, July 17, to compete in the two tournaments, meet fans, and greet his many Fortnite colleagues.

The two tournaments had a combined prize pool of $200,000; each had $12,000 for the winner. Both formats were for solo players only.

Thomas took first place in the very first qualification sending him directly to the final, which consisted of 100 people all sitting at the Dreamhack Lan. In the final, Thomas started slow and caught up in game 4 with a win which helped him get 10th place and $2,800 in prize money. A fantastic result, but Thomas was not done yet.

The other tournament was a Zero Build Battle Royale, also solo. Thomas started strong again in the qualification rounds, getting first place in the first round fast-tracking him to the finals.

The finals, unfortunately, began with tech issues, making Thomas miss the first game. In the rest of the games, Thomas gave it his all, winning the sixth and last game in the final. Despite missing the first game, Th0masHD stepped on the podium with an impressive third place and another $5,500 to take home.