Th0masHD Secures Third Place In FNCS Finals

Th0masHD Secures Third Place In FNCS Finals

On the 28-29th May, Th0masHD and his duo-partner 'trippernn' played the FNCS Finals after playing qualifiers the past three weeks. Together, the duo played six matches each day, competing against the best Fortnite players in the world.

On May 30, Th0masHD celebrated his birthday in style, as the cumulative leaderboard was competed, granting Th0masHD a well-deserved third place, with $150,000 in prize money divided between the two teammates.

The duo started strong with first place in their first match on May 28. During the 12 games, Th0masHD and trippernn had an average placement of 14,42 (out of 50) and a K/D ratio of 3,27 across all matches.

Aside from the official FNCS matches, Th0masHD also recently had some impressive results in his Cash Cups:

  • Session 17: 4th place, $800
  • Session 15: 2nd place, $900
  • Session 13: 1st place, $1,250

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