The BLAST Fall Final Adventure Has Ended In Third Place

The BLAST Fall Final Adventure Has Ended In Third Place

(Photo credit: Mads Borne)

After an impressive run with the updated roster, Astralis CS has managed to secure third place and with it, $40.000 in prize winnings.

After beating Faze on their first day in the Royal Arena, Astralis went up against Cadian and his squad on Heroic in an explosive match in the arena. After a dire first half on Mirage, the Astralis roster managed an impressive comeback from the legendary 4-11 scoreline, securing four straight rounds in the overtime to win the first map. The second map, Nuke, was rapidly ended with a convincing 16-4 win, leading them to the consolidation final.

gla1ve celebrating the win over Heroic with the crowd in Royal Arena.

On Sunday, Astralis went for another round against Vitality, who had put gla1ve and his team in the lower bracket earlier in the tournament.

In the fight for a spot in the grand final against NAVI, Astralis started great on Nuke, winning the first map 16-12. Afterward, a revitalized Vitality won Inferno, leading the two top teams into a deciding map of Mirage. On the desert map, the players from Astralis were not able to outperform a strong Vitality, ending in a loss and thus a third place in total at BLAST Fall Finals.

On Monday, the players will have some well-deserved rest before traveling to Stockholm on Tuesday in preparation for IEM Winter 2021.

#DanishCorner supporting Astralis all weekend in Royal Arena.