The Counter-Strike Talent Team Signs Lucas 'Gnøffe' Brunsvig

The Counter-Strike Talent Team Signs Lucas 'Gnøffe' Brunsvig

Astralis Talent Counter-Strike signs Gnøffe

Lucas 'Gnøffe' Brunsvig, 18, has been trying out for Astralis Talent Counter-Strike for the matches in the Power League and Spring Sweet Spring Cup. Now he has signed with the team.

Dennis 'vNG' Vang, Head of Talent, Astralis Talent:

- We have tested quite a few players and I'm really happy we have found a player like Lucas, who as a player and as a person fits our culture and work ethics. He has impressed us with his approach to the game and already now he is integrated in the team and with his teammates.

- On top of that he has proven to be the crucial last piece of the puzzle in term of team dynamics and a common understanding of how to play, so even though all changes take time, I actually believe we will be seeing improvements on the team already over the coming weeks and months.

Gnøffe has already played officials and participated in the team's last bootcamp. His first game as an official Astralis Talent player is on May 13, 20:00 CEST against Nordavind.