A Fresh Digital Landscape

A Fresh Digital Landscape

Welcome to the Astralis Universe

Over the years, the Astralis brand has grown into one of the most well-known esports brands in the world, with both core and mainstream audiences engaging increasingly with the organization's digital channels, teams and players.

As all actitivies merge into the Astralis brand, the universe around the teams and players is going through changes and expansion.

A new, recognizable identity will have the Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and the FIFA team expressed on social media platforms through a common, yet distinctive look, sharing the organization's values and characteristics. This also includes a new space for fans with new merchandise and media initiatives, as well as a a lot of new fan-related products.

The Shop

The new Astralis Counter-Strike jersey will see the light of day on September 17th. FIFA and League of Legends jerseys to be presented at a later stage.

The new Astralis shop will offer a wide and diverse range of cool drops, accessories, and of course, the new Astralis player jersey by Hummel.

With the new marketplace, everything Astralis will be gathered in one place, with world-wide shipping.

The new Counter-Strike jersey will be launched on September 17th, and the countdown is underway on shop.astralis.gg. Both FIFA and League of Legends will have their own jerseys, based upon the same identity and design, but with individual features.

The website

This site will be the official hub for Astralis as a company and all competing teams. The news section will be updated daily with team news, entertainment and event related news. Everything you need to know about Astralis, just one click away.

By keeping an eye on the website, you won't miss out on exclusive content either. This means free wallpapers from the CS:GO, LoL, and FIFA teams, and sneak peeks into new contents and drops.


Astralis' YouTube channel has seen a rapid growth throughout 2020, with pieces like Voice Comms, Lobby Chat, OMEN Dojo, and more. Now, the teams merge under one banner, bringing you both entertaining and educational video series from all esports divisions of Astralis.

The production value and weight of future pieces will only go up, so subscribing to the channel is essential for anyone who wants to gaze upon the freshest Astralis content, whether it be from CS:GO, League of Legends, or FIFA.

Social media

Those following Astralis on social media will notice a complete overhaul in the identity of the brand. A consistent, slick look will bring new life to the organization, that is among the most watched in premier esports tournaments for the past years.

The three competing teams will be spread out across three different Astralis social media channels, catering to three different segments of esports fans: CS:GO, League of Legends, and FIFA.

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