Triumph with Top 2 Finish in LEC Spring Regular Season

March 28, 2023

A sensational conclusion to the LEC Spring Regular Season saw our League of Legends team secure the coveted #2 spot after defeating Fnatic on Monday, March 27. This impressive result propels us into the Group Stage of the LEC Spring 2023 competition.

The victory was particularly notable as it capped off a flawless final weekend for our team in the LEC Spring Regular Season, with our team also claiming wins against Team Heretic and EXCEL.

In the heated battle for second place, an intense skirmish unfolded on the rift, with our team and Fnatic exchanging blows in a relentless series of engagements. Our player of the game, JeongHoon, stood out with his exceptional performance on Blitzcrank, landing hooks with surgical precision throughout the match. His dominance on the battlefield allowed the rest of the team to confidently pursue fights, steadily gaining an advantage over Fnatic.

The decisive moment arrived at the 36-minute mark when we made a final push towards Fnatic's Nexus, securing their top-tier position in spectacular fashion:

With the regular season now behind us, we emerged victorious against six of their nine opponents in total:

  • vs. KOI | WIN
  • vs. G2 Esports | WIN
  • vs. SK Gaming | LOSS
  • vs. MAD Lions | LOSS
  • vs. Team BDS | LOSS
  • vs. Team Vitality | WIN
  • vs. Team Heretics | WIN
  • vs. EXCEL | WIN
  • vs. Fnatic | WIN

Our team now looks forward to competing in the LEC Spring 2023 Group Stage, which is set to begin around the second weekend of April. With their impressive performance in the regular season, the team is poised for even greater success in the coming weeks.