Undergoing Organizational Changes

March 15, 2023

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Organizational changes

In the final months of 2022, the performance organization around our teams went through a successful upgrade and modernization. Parallel with this reorganization, the management group has worked on a similar sharpening of our commercial focus to meet current and future market demands from existing and new partners, fans, and other stakeholders.

As Commercial Director, Kasper Sindt, who has had a vital role in building our strong commercial foundation, has accepted new challenges elsewhere, the organizational changes will be implemented over the coming weeks.

Anders Hørsholt, CEO Astralis A/S:

- Astralis is a frontrunner when it comes to creating a high-performance environment and a sound business model in esports. In a dynamic industry where the audience is on a constant move and brands in the future will be expecting even more from the organizations, we’re constantly evaluating and developing our set-up and ability to deliver – not just today, but in the years ahead.

- The starting point is a strong commercial foundation, however, to meet the demands and provide a more transparent service to our partners, we have worked on organizational adjustments to sharpen the focus on sales and commercial deliveries. We want to become even more relevant as a team brand as a commercial partner in esports and in the wider gaming scene.

- As our Commercial Director Kasper Sindt, who has been a vital part in building a strong commercial foundation, has decided to accept new challenges outside of Astralis, we will implement the organizational changes now. Kasper is highly valued and extremely well-liked in our organization and with our partners, and I would like to thank him for his efforts, dedication, and always professional approach. Kasper will be leaving us for a new position in the traditional sports industry, where I am sure he will also be a major asset.

- Going forward, we will split the commercial responsibilities into two: Sales and Commercial Deliveries with Niclas Nybjerg as our new Sales Director and Mads Rasmussen as our new Partnership Director. It is a structure that will increase transparency and internal processes and Niclas and Mads have already proven, they are ready for the responsibility, says Hørsholt.

Sales Director, Niclas Nybjerg
Experienced profiles

On the new organization and roles, Hørsholt comments:

- Niclas Nybjerg has been with Astralis for more than 3 years and he has been through all sales related roles in the organization. Over the past year, he has been Commercial Lead in Pixel.tv and Astralis Nexus, where he has been a vital part of the positive commercial development. Niclas has already shown great results and I am confident his dedication and way to work with partners and brands will elevate our sales process further.

- In January 2022, Mads Rasmussen came to Astralis with a vast experience from different managerial positions in partnership deliveries and activation. Throughout his time here as Sr. Partnership Manager, he has demonstrated his ability to develop the role and our product to the benefit of our partners, and by elevating him to a new role as Partnership Director we increase not only the focus on the area, but also the transparency for our partners.

Partnership Director, Mads Rasmussen

- I am extremely proud of the organization and everybody here, who every day works hard to deliver to all the fans, partners, and other stakeholders. Effort is a prerequisite for results, and in that sense, Astralis is in a very good place going forward, Hørsholt concludes.