Vamos kezziwow!

Vamos kezziwow!

After two losses in ESEA Open, kezziwow and co. managed to collect another victory against vamosTGD with a 16-9 score.

In addition to that, Astralis got a forfeit win the day after, on November 30th, versus SEROTONIN.

With only one match left, we are sitting in 138th place, which means we are still in contention for the playoffs.

The top 192 teams qualify for the playoffs, and the teams ending in 9th-64th place advance to ESEA Intermediate, while the 2nd-4th place moves up to ESEA Main. The champion of ESEA Open jumps up two divisions and joins ESEA Advanced.

Our seventh victory this season was achieved on our most-played map, Overpass, against vamosTGD, who is placed 289th.

The first round went smoothly as kezziwow shot four enemies, which initiated a dominant first half.

An 11-4 scoreline on our T-side was terrific, and our CT side wasn't much different.

vamosTGD responded with a few rounds, but the match never slipped out of our hands.

kezziwow ended the match the same way it started - with four kills to claim the 16-9 victory.

Not surprisingly, the MVP of the fixture goes to our IGL with 27 frags and a 1.8 K/D, kezziwow!

Today, on December 1st, at 20:30 CET, we play our last match before playoffs begin versus The Big Booty Dudes, currently sitting in 279th place.

Astralis (w) consists of: