POWER Ligaen recap: Victory Claimed from Both Squads

POWER Ligaen recap: Victory Claimed from Both Squads

The second week of POWER Ligaen's Group Stage is finalized.

Both the Talent- and Women's teams found success this week.

Continuing The Winning Streak

Two matches were on the cards this week, with the Talent lineup facing MASONIC Academy and CEPTER BITSKINS.

MASONIC Academy was the first opponent of the week, where the battle took place on Nuke.

Coming from a victory against XI Esport last week, the Talent squad was eager to continue the winning streak, which wasn't an issue against MASONIC Academy.

Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen achieved a 1.63 rating and a 26-14 K/D in the 16-7 triumph, making him the match MVP.

Just a few steps behind him, Andreas "kiR" Kirstein fought his way to 23 frags and a 1.51 rating.

MistR claimed the top fragging spot versus MASONIC Academy.

A Confident Comeback

Immediately after, the Talents were facing CEPTER BITSKINS, who had former Astralis Talent player Lucas "Gnøffe" Brunsvig on the squad.

CEPTER BITSKINS were ready from the start, which saw them winning the first three rounds of the game—despite a marvelous deagle triple kill from kiR on Inferno.

A single round was collected afterward, but the opponents responded with a triplet of rounds, making the score 1-6. Luckily, the Talent team woke up and found their rhythm, resulting in a first-half victory, 8-7.

Moving onto the T-side of Inferno, Emil "kroK" Wiedemann and Co. showed no mercy and made the second half a landslide victory as they won eight rounds in a row, eventually winning the match 16-7.

kroK leading the troops to victory with a 1.60 rating.

The Talent squad has won all three matches in POWER Ligaen in a convincing fashion.

Next matches in POWER Ligaen

On Monday, September 25th, the Talent team will fight against:

  • Exzentriq United at 20:00 CEST
  • Sashi Esport at 21:00 CEST

A Narrow Defeat

On October 20th, the the Women's team played two matches against O Grande Canhão Academiade and Sørby Immortals in POWER Ligaen's 4th Division C.

The margins decided the first match against O Grande Canhão Academiade, played on Overpass.

Josefine "josefine" Jensen played her heart out, as seen by her 1.27 rating and 28 frags during the 14-16 defeat.

Despite a narrow defeat, Josefine stood out on Overpass.

First POWER Ligaen Victory

Sørby Immortals awaited immediately after on Vertigo.

The women's lineup, and in this match, Marie "maliTy" Kragelund Holm and Anja "anja" Soelberg, are usually fans of the skyscraper map, which was proven in their first POWER Ligaen win.

maliTy and anja pulled the strings in the 16-12 victory, achieving 27 frags each. 

The duo of maliTy and anja prevailed on Vertigo.

Next matches in POWER Ligaen

On Monday, September 25th, the Women's team will face:

  • Karlslunde Esport Main at 18:00 CEST