Watch blameF and Staehr's Jersey Rating Showdown

Watch blameF and Staehr's Jersey Rating Showdown

In celebration of the release of our latest player jersey on November 21, we hosted a must-see event in the Astralis studio.

None other than in-game leader Benjamin 'blameF' Bremer and rising star Victor 'Staehr' Staehr were invited by our marketing director, Benjamin Boraghi, for an engaging discussion and rating session of all player jerseys released in collaboration with hummel over the recent years.

As the self-proclaimed fashion police of the main roster, blameF and Staehr embark on a four-part series, thoroughly examining each jersey. They will delve into various Astralis jerseys, showcasing many designs and colors.

What makes each piece unique? Which designs resonate with our dynamic duo? Tune in to find out!

Our players proudly don the brand-new blue jersey with the red logo of the Astralis star, but one vintage design from our early days surprisingly earns top honors.

The first Astralis jersey, the Black Edition (20/21)

Adding a twist, blameF and Staehr use five custom-made rating cards each, ranging from one to five stars, mirroring the prestige of in-game skins. It's a battle of aesthetics; which jerseys will achieve the coveted five-star rating, equating to the coolness of a Dragon Lore skin? And will any fall to the level of a Safari Mesh with a mere one star?

The second player jersey, the Blue Edition (21/22)

The third player jersey, the Red and White one (22/23)

The brand-new Blue and Red player jersey launched on November 21, 2023

Watch the four-part series of the jersey rating showdown

Staehr remarks that in the vibrant nightlife scene, one color always remains a timeless classic. Meanwhile, blameF highlights a particular jersey, noting its exceptional visual depth compared to the rest.

Don't miss out on the entertaining discussions, the players' picks, and personal insights.

Explore the Favorite Picks of blameF and Staehr

  • The black jersey gets the M4A1-S Player Two skin, representing four stars.
  • The blue jersey gets the AWP Dragon Lore skin, symbolizing five stars.
  • The red jersey gets the AK-47 Redline skin, indicative of three stars.
  • The brand-new blue jersey gets the AWP Dragon Lore skin, also representing five stars.
The new Astralis player jersey, which is launched today, Tuesday, November 21, is hummel's and Astralis' joint tribute to the many Astralis fans across the world who support the teams, whether it's the talents, the women's team or dev1ce, blameF and the main team.