We're Streaming Our Open Qualifier Matches

We're Streaming Our Open Qualifier Matches

The player break has ended, and our Counter-Strike team is back in the driver's seat. After bootcamping both on and off the server, they are ready to take on the competition.

The Road to Rio starts today, and together with Pixel.TV, we live-stream our four initial matches on our Twitch channel in our battle for Major qualification.

For our Danish fans, the stream is also available on Pixel.TV's TV channel from Danish provider, Waoo.

Watch along with our CS Talent players Vigg0 and Altekz, who will host the stream on our Twitch channel. Please note that the stream will only be available with Danish commentary.

Together with thousands of other teams, gla1ve and his team will have to prove ourselves amongst everyone else in the European Open Qualifiers.

The rules to qualify in Europe are as follows:

  • There are four open qualifiers at the end of August.
  • Five teams from the first and third open qualifiers advance
  • Four teams from the second open qualifier advance
  • Six teams from the fourth open qualifier advance
  • Unlimited Single Elimination Bo1 bracket
  • Decider (qualification) matches will be played as BO3s.
  • Seeding matches will be played as BO1s.
  • The last qualifier will have additional matches played for seeding purposes to determine replacement teams should someone not be able to attend the IEM Rio.