We Take Out Eyeballers And Head to Quarter Finals

We Take Out Eyeballers And Head to Quarter Finals

On the 4th of February we played against EYEBALLERS in our first BO3 Playoffs match in the $50,000 CCT North Europe Series 3 tournament.

We won the series 2-1 after overcoming a gut-wrenching 14-16 loss on our map pick Mirage only to cruise through both Vertigo and Inferno with comfortable 16-7 scorelines.

This means that we are heading into the Quarter-finals against 9INE tomorrow Sunday on the 5th of February at 16:00 CEST.

We started off with Mirage, our map pick, but it was a rough first half that eventually led us to a difficult 8-15 scoreline in the opponents' favour.

It looked like we were already getting ready to go the 2nd map but somehow device (with a 28-16 K/D and 1.48 rating on Mirage) managed to make things interesting with several crucial clutches that kept us alive a little longer.

The comeback attempt seemed all too real when the scoreline had suddenly turned to 14-15 but sadly we didn't manage to take Mirage to OT even as Xyp9x' defuse attempt was straight down to the wire, losing the first map 14-16.

Map 2 was Vertigo on which we dominated the first half with a 11-4 CT side. Especially blameF showed great form once again with a 108.7 ADR and a 1.65 rating. We closed out Vertigo 16-7.

Inferno was the 3rd map and the decider for the series and looked to be a competitive map to determine the winner as the first half ended 8-7 on our CT side.

The second half turned out to be another story though as we headed straight for the finish line and didn't look back. The boys managed to string together an 8 round winning streak to close out Inferno 16-7 with a flawless T side.

Xyp9x gave a great performance with a 1.60 rating and a 22-6 score at the end of third map.

Be sure to get your popcorn ready and watch us compete in the CCT Quarter-finals tomorrow at 16:00 CEST. You can watch the game here.